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Precision Orthodontics: Experienced Orthodontists in Toledo, Ohio

The team at Precision Orthodontics Toledo-Talmadge looks forward to being your partner in oral health. Premier orthodontic care improves the function and appearance of your entire mouth—teeth, jaw and gums. Our office provides care for families in the Toledo area to help achieve a healthy mouth and tackle a variety of chronic oral health issues. We’re conveniently located on Talmadge Road across from the Macy’s at the Franklin Park Mall and next to J. Alexander’s.

Teeth that are correctly aligned are easier to clean, making them resistant to tooth decay and gum disease. Properly aligned teeth also prevent jaw discomfort and chronic head, neck and jaw pain.

We offer aligners and braces in Toledo, Ohio with a combination of innovative and compassionate care using the latest in oral health technologies. Come in for a free consultation with the Precision Orthodontics Toledo-Talmadge team to learn more!

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We welcome you to come in for a free initial consultation at Precision Orthodontics. There are over 10 offices throughout Cleveland, Youngstown and other parts of Ohio, so you can find the office conveniently located near you.

Visit us today and experience how our orthodontists can help you achieve the smile you’ve been waiting for. You can call our individual locations with more questions or fill out this quick online form to schedule an appointment.

Orthodontic Services in Toledo

Orthodontic care is incredibly important to your overall health. Our team has decades of experience diagnosing and fixing dental irregularities, and we’re committed to working alongside you to correct your oral health issues. We offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options, including braces, Invisalign, any necessary surgeries, and customized plans.

Affordable Braces in Toledo - Braces are the most popular way to straighten teeth for kids, teens and adults. At Precision Orthodontics Toledo-Talmadge, we offer traditional metal braces as well as lingual or clear braces. Our team is also certified to administer Invisalign treatment with a series of clear aligners. We work with patients to ensure correcting crowded, misaligned or crooked teeth fits within your budget. 

Surgery and Beyond - Patients can visit our Toledo-Talmadge office for orthodontic emergencies like loose or broken dental hardware, dental injuries or trauma, and more. Our Precision Orthodontics team is dedicated to developing long-term, manageable care solutions for a number of oral health issues. If you aren’t sure what kind of custom treatment is right for you, our board certified orthodontist Dr. Singh will consult with you to make a plan for moving forward.

What Our Patients Say

Our daughter has Down syndrome and loves Dr. Singh and gives all of the staff big hugs when [they] come up and say “Hi Gab!” They make her experience wonderful every visit.

Patient of Precision Orthodontics Toledo, Google

Financing Options

At Precision Orthodontics Toledo-Talmadge, we believe everyone should have access to cost-effective dental care, and we’re committed to working alongside you to find the best solutions for your oral health. Our practice accepts most major insurances and all major credit and debit cards. Financing options include in-house financing and Care Credit. We also offer monthly payment management services through OrthoBanc. Your orthodontic journey is an investment, call today to get started!

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