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Traditional Braces

Cost-effective with comfort in mind. Traditional braces have progressed with advancements in dental technology for a sleeker, tighter look.

Clear Aligners

Clear, removable aligners that are almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Clear aligners are an inconspicuous, often faster alternative to braces.


Whether it’s an injury or a broken bracket, we’re here when you need immediate care. Schedule an appointment to see our experienced team as soon as possible.

Finding What’s Right For You

Precision Orthodontics is committed to providing a high standard of care as we help our patients achieve beautiful smiles. For patients needing braces, our team is here to help with cost-effective and accessible services. From treating you with kindness the moment you walk through the door to making sure your treatment delivers the results you’re looking for, our first priority is always the patient.

We provide orthodontic care for the whole family. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan to meet your specific dental needs. During your consultation, our orthodontists will answer any questions so you understand what to expect on your dental journey.

We determine which braces or aligners will benefit you the most. Orthodontics gives us the opportunity to fix a diverse set of issues including but not limited to jaw discomfort, crowding resulting in decay, difficulty chewing or talking, and smile insecurities.

It’s truly comprehensive care for comprehensive results.

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Meet the Precision Orthodontics Team

Our team brings years of education and experience. At each office location, you’ll find board certified orthodontists committed to providing best in class braces care to their community.

At every appointment, through the ins and outs of treatment and all of your financial questions, we’re here for you. Until those braces are off and you’re happy with your smile. Even then, we’ll still be here if you need us. With Precision Orthodontics, you’re choosing a practice you can trust and a team that will support your dental health.

We have the skills and the compassion to empower patients through specialized dentistry.

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At Precision Orthodontics, We’re Known For:

  • Supporting healthy smiles.
  • Connecting with patients.
  • Building relationships in our communities.
  • Treating each visit with care, compassion and respect.
  • Developing customized orthodontic treatments.
  • Advancing specialized dentistry standards within our industry.
  • Providing dental care you can trust for years to come.

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Precision Orthodontics

Talk to your neighbors. We’re proud to be a trusted provider of dental care for you, your family and your friends. When you commit to orthodontic treatment, it’s not just a one-and-done appointment. With braces and aligners, you’re choosing a practice that will take care of your teeth for years. At Precision Orthodontics, the patients always come first.

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